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Thursday, 21 July 2016

WWF Hasbro For Sale now in Stock - Vintage Toys

Now back in stock once again is the hugely popular WWF Wrestling Figures Sealed by Hasbro. From Akeem to The Ultimate Warrior The Toy Scavenger is your one stop place for Vintage WWF Hasbro Figures Sealed on Card. But be Quick! they sell our fast!
First released in 1990 by Hasbro WWF Wrestling Figures went from strength to strength before they were cancelled just before the next Orange series was due to be released which would of features the likes of Diesel.
The variety of figures in different colourful attires and different on cards have become very collectable over the years. some even have become so rare as soon as they go up for sale collectors will battle to get their hands on that figure that one they need in their collection.
The Stock for these is ever changing so remember to check back regularly for updates, you may just find the gem you have always wanted clean on a original sealed card!

Take a look at some of our current and recent figures that we have had In stock WWF Hasbros For Sale
There is always more added to our site every week, so be sure to check back!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Check out this Amazing Vintage Action Figure Stop-Motion Music Video by The Noise FM - Next To You

Who doesn't love a good stop motion music video featuring our favourite toys from the 80s and 90s? Well we definitely do, Check this out!
Chicago indie rock band The Noise FM have enlisted The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Ghostbusters, various X-men and more iconic action figures for an amazing stop motion music video set to the band's cover of The Police classic "Next To You

The video was created by the band specifically for two 'Noise for Toys' benefit concerts that they hosted over the holidays. All proceeds and toy donations collected at these shows went directly to Chicago and Kansas City Toys For Tots, an organization that provides families in need with gifts during the holiday season. Even Louis Tomlinson of One Direction was spotted checking out noise For Toys at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.

In the Video our favourite gutsy gal April O'Neil is kidnapped and its up to the band to save the day. So they call on the help of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Ghostbusters and The Xmen to help save the day.

To make the video the guys used their own childhood toys from Kansas where they are originally from, by shipping them out to them in Chicago, Then it took from February to December to plan, shoot, and edit the video and here is the end result!

If you you would like to find out more about the band you can check them out on their website and

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Toy Scavenger Monthly Interview: Star Wars Collection Special

With the new Star Wars The force Awakens film released today its only right that we feature a great star wars collection. Today we talk to Anthony who has been collecting Star Wars Figure's and memorabilia since he was a child, and he's created some quite special.

Hi Anthony, could you give a little bit of information about yourself?
I live in Manchester, I'm 38 and my name is Anthony Merna
and are you a collector or a dealer? or a bit of both?
I am just a collector.

When we was little we all had a favourite toy or action figure, mine was a M.A.S.K toy, what was yours?
My favourite action figure as a kid was Yoda,
do you still own that one?
I had to buy him again as I lost his coat and accessories!

So you have amassed a large amount of Star Wars toys and memorabilia, but when did you actually start your collection?
Its been since a kid really, it started with a box of Star Wars originals, I kept what I could and what hadn't been played with and I bought the missing 70's items on eBay so I could have all the original Star Wars figures and it went from there.

What do you like about collecting?
I honestly believe I like collecting them as it reminds me of being a kid, safe, not having to worry about anything....also the Star Wars figures are so cool!
Iv always liked the hit of nostalgia you get, and of course they are so cool.
What made you decide to start collecting?
well it was in 1995 when they started remaking Star Wars films and I remember thinking I'll just get a few...little did I know ha.
That's always how it starts, its a bit of an addiction once you start collecting, there is always that one more that you need. Is there a certain collection that you are trying to achieve or do you just go for anything?
I buy anything which was featured in the films, I sold a lot of items because I used to buy everything e.g. Comics, expanded universe but the room was getting way to big and it had to be downsized.

So you must of had something that was hard to find then, what piece are you most proud of?
Anakin Skywalker Revenge of the Sith with red eyes.... I had my partner all over New York trying to get one on holiday

Do you collect Mint on Card, Loose, or a bit of both?
Well every figure I have since 1995 is carded, I have them all, my originals are in a glass case as to buy them carded now would be so expensive
They definitely are expensive! So what do you have that no amount of money could let you part with it?
My 2002 silver anniversary Darth Vader New York toy fair exclusive and all the original ewoks

What do you feel about custom made figures and the destruction of old figures to make them?
No custom made figures please, let's not ruin figures ha

Do you look at other people’s collections and try to better them or stick to your own style?
I have my own style and love it when I see other peoples collections but I do my thing.

The toys seem to be the main part of your collection but do you also collect anything else apart from action figures?
I have Star Wars books, lightsabres and obviously all the films. My two passions are Star Wars and Kylie Minogue, I have a massive Kylie collection as well ha

We can see from the images but could you describe how you display them your collection?
Every wall is full of carded figures in their own back bedroom 'Star Wars room' with shelves in front with ships, playsets, everything else on basically

Is there an item that made you think “YES! Iv got it!”
The turbo tank from Revenge of the Sith, I love it!!!
Awesome, and which item took the longest to find?
It is the 1995 Princess Leia, at the time it was so hard to get one, I paid a fortune!

Well Thanks Anthony for sharing your amazing collection and wish you good luck with any further collecting! May the force be with you!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Power Rangers: How Good Are Bandai's Megazord, Dragonzord, and Battle Mode

Can we take a minute to appreciate how good the Zords are from The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers from the 90s. This toy line has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is still very sort after. So here is a few images from items we have had in stock this past year.

The Toy Scavenger - Monthly Competition Win a WWF Hasbro Mr Perfect Wrestling Figure

This months competition is for an original Vintage WWF Hasbro Mr Perfect action figure Mint on Card, we are running the comp on various social networks, for a chance to enter please use the links below.

Terms and conditions apply.

1. There is no cash alternative offered.
2. The competition is open to residents of the UK only. The winner will need to provide a full UK postal address. No exceptions.
3. The competition will close on 31st December 2015 on twitter and on Instagram, or when Facebook hits 6500.
4. To enter, please follow instructions on the each of the Social network platforms. On Twitter you will need to Re tweet and Follow our Account @ToyScavenger, On Facebook you need to Like our page, the dedicated post, comment on that post and Share it. On Instagram you will need to repost the image using the hash-tag
5. Once you have been selected we will try to contact you to inform you of the great news! If you do not reply within 3 days we will pass the prize on the the next selected winner.
6. Once the item is posted it is beyond our control. We are not responsible for postal lost or time delay.
7. The Toy Scavengers decision is final in all matters relating to this competition.
8. If you cant wait to see if you won, then you can purchase one here
9. We will select a social network platform first, then a winner from the one selected.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Toy Scavenger Monthly Interview: We Delve into WolverSteves World of Wolverine!

Let us ask you a question, Have you got a favourite Superhero? Well this months interviewee definitely has! in fact he loves the character so much his entire collection is based upon his favourite hero, Wolverine and he's not done bad at all!
for those of you that don't know, wolverine is fictional superhero that appears in comic books by Marvel most commonly with the X-Men. He's a mutant know as Logan who possesses animal keen senses, enhanced abilities and powerful regenerative healing powers. He is one of the most famous heroes from Marvel and has a world wide following and many comics, actions figures, and movies to his name. Which leads us to Lincoln in the United Kingdom and Steve, who owns one of the best wolverine collections we have seen.
He has been kind enough to let us have a look around and answer some of our questions. Lets get started.

Hi Steve, thanks for joining us today hope you are well.
No problem bub.

Could you give us a quick bit of information about yourself?
My name is Stephen "Wolversteve" Paulson, i'm 36 from Lincoln UK.

So taking a look at your images its pretty obvious what you like to collect but do you class yourself as a collector or as a dealer? I'm just a collector of anything and everything wolverine.
So for how long have your been collecting? I have been collecting for 26 years!

That is a long time to create your collection, You now have a lot of wolverine figures but apart from wolverine, growing up what was your favourite action figure?
My favourite figure as a kid was He-man from the Masters of the Universe line by Mattel. The figures and the cartoon were just incredible and like nothing id ever seen before at that age. The stories were just brilliant, and Skeletor was an amazing baddie, so for me it it was the complete package.

So what do you like about collecting?
I like the buzz from adding a new piece to the collection.

Well you have a loads of wolverine figures and merchandise but which piece was your best find that you are most proud of?
Best find? The best find I'm most proud of is a Japanese Manga Wolverine which I've never seen before or since, paid £45 for him and it's a great piece, I am very proud of that.

That's cool! but if you didn't have your collection and you had to buy one piece, what would it be?
This Marvel Selects 'The Wolverine' Special Collectors Edition Figure, its not the most expensive by a long way but I bloody love it, so much I bought two like every good collector!

That's the best way to do it! it can get expensive though, Do you collect mint on Card, Loose, or a bit of both? I collect mint where I can but like to have a second one that either I've opened or buy it second hand just to see what they're like out of the packet and check what they were made for!

Do you have something in your collection that if some one offered to buy it from you, no amount of money could part if from you?
No amount of money would make me part with my custom £2100 Wolverine suit based on the Days of future concept art for Logan with the mask based on the teaser alternate ending from the Wolverine. There's no suit like mine in the world!
Thats so awesome! So your a fan of customisation then. Are you a fan of custom action figures?
I'm a fan of custom figures when they're done to a high standard, when they're done right, they can be better than mass produced ones by far.
Totally agree, there are some amazing pieces out there made by some very talented people. and some that also collect the same or similar items, Do you look at other peoples collections and try to better them or do you stick to your own style of wolverine collection. I love to see other peoples collections, it's intriguing to see what other people have kept and collected over the years.

Is there anything else you collect? I also collect comics (Wolverine again).
Excellent how many have you got? I have over 3000 which again started my affection for the character. The point where my little son is named Logan!
Oh wow, that's awesome, I take it he likes wolverine then? Well actually he doesn't! He has got a very independent head for a five year old. but he knows that im wolverine and he is Spider-man.

That's so sweet, well thanks for taking your time to answer our questions, we really appreciate it and wish you good luck with all your future collections. I look forward to seeing the collection in another 26years! who knows how big it can go! Take care.
Thanks Bub its been a pleasure!

If you would like to find out more about Steve and his collection you can follow him on Twitter or find him on Facebook.

Twitter @WolverSteve

Have you got a collection you would like to share? then get in contact with us we would love to hear from you! 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Toy Scavenger Monthly Interview: This Is Not A Store, Its a Home! See Bobbys Toy Chest

The Real Ghostbusters Collection
Have you ever walked in to a toy store and thought id love to own all of this? Well one person has gone that step further and bought all his childhood figures again and more. This month we take a look at the collection of Robert Barbieri from Florida and his amazing collection of Vintage Action Figures.

From just looking at the images you would be wrong thinking that they are from a toy store in the 80s or 90s, In fact they are from Roberts house! Its an amazing collection, and a very big one so we decided to ask if we could take a look at it. Warning! This collection will blow you away and give you one of the biggest hits of nostalgia you have ever had!.

Hey Robert could you give a bit of information about yourself?
Hi I am Robert Barbieri, 30, from Orlando Florida/

Taking a look at your images your collection is amazing, so would you class yourself as collector, dealer, or both? too be fare most dealers are collectors at heart!
I am a collector first and a dealer second. I generally sell spares of items in my collection. What normally happens is that I have a play set or vehicle that is missing parts I cannot find separately and I am forced to buy the toy all over again but complete this time. I generally rationalize this by telling myself I’ll get some money back when I sell the first incomplete spare. I’m sure a lot of collectors do the same. I would like to become a more hands on dealer but its about having the cash on hand and finding big truck loads that I can make a profit on and I’m just not there yet. You need a lot of money to make money in this business.

How long have you been collecting?
I collected in Middle School and it was strictly Star Wars: Power of the force and Vintage Star Wars at that time. I had just discovered Star Wars because of the special edition release in theatres and Kenner/Hasbro released a whole new line of toys. This collecting lasted from 1996-2001. I then had a lapse in collecting during High School/College but eventually got back into it and started collecting everything I use to have as a kid, and then things I wanted as a kid, and then things I would of wanted had I known their existence as a kid.
It’s a slippery slope isn’t it? I’m at the point I snag bits here and there of vintage pop culture that catches my eye along with the rare /pricey items I am missing from toy lines I collect. For example TMNT Scratch the cat, I’m just waiting for the right time and price.

Vintage Star Wars Figures Collection

Do you look at other people’s collections and try to better them or stick to your own style?
I like to get inspired by other people’s collections. Whether it’s a display style or items I want to add to my collection. But ultimately I have to work within my own budget and space left in my house.

And how do you display the your figures?
I like Detolf glass cabinet display cases from IKEA because they are affordable and there’s no obstruction like any frame its just glass. I also enjoy displaying more prized items in retail store glass counter top cases.

Vinatge Action Figure Display Unit

So you definitely have a lot of Vintage Action Figures now! but what was your favourite action figure growing up?
I don’t think I had a favourite action figure but one of my favourite toys growing up was Kenner’s Real Ghostbusters Ecto1 car. It took a huge beating over the years and I salvaged it when garage sales would pop up at home. I just couldn’t let it go.
So do you still have it?
I eventually restored it and bought back missing pieces online.

What do you like collecting, have you got a favourite brand?
Anything Kenner is my bread and butter or items based off stuff that has been quickly forgotten (ex: James Bond Jr., Socket Poppers, Bone Brigade, cowboys of moo mesa). I like rare stuff like that and anything else from my childhood like TMNT/Real Ghostbusters/Crash Dummies. If its based off a cartoon or movie in the late 80s early 90s I most likely have the whole set or close to it.

You certainly do have a lot of items now! So what made you decide to start collecting?
I am an only child, so I had a lot of toys growing up, but between me breaking open toys to see how they worked or my dad eventually throwing them out by the box loads as I gradually got older I eventually had almost nothing left. I eventually became nostalgic.

Vintage Power Rangers Collection

I would definitely say that is one of the same reasons I got into collecting, Being nostalgic. But is there a certain collection that you are trying to achieve or do you just go for anything?
I am honing in on Real Ghostbusters Toys and Memorabilia. Strictly USA items and anything else is gravy. Over time and money I have collected every regular USA Kenner figure MOC with a couple variants and all are sealed in Zolo World protective cases.
So you collect Mint on Card, do you also collect Loose?
I also have a complete loose collection of every single Kenner Real Ghostbuster toy (figures, vehicles, play sets, role toys and all possible accessories) and they are on display in glass cases. I do not have every single vehicle or role play toy sealed (some are) but I made it a point to at least collect all the empty boxes because I love the artwork and my OCD couldn’t handle a box or two missing from the collection. So I can honestly say I have every Kenner Real Ghostbuster toy, and now I snag anything that says Real Ghostbusters on it whether it’s a pencil case or a colorforms set or affordable vintage store displays.
Is it the same with all you items? that you have mix of Loose and MOC?
I do collect both but I am a big fan of opened/loose toys. I get more bang for my buck and they are easier/more fun to display and don’t take up as much room as a big sealed box.

The Real Ghostbusters Complete CollectionThe Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection

The Real Ghostbusters Collection Loose

A lot of people are making Custom figures nowadays, there is definitely a big market for them, What do you feel about custom made figures and the destruction of old figures to make them?
I honestly am all for it, especially if the toy is broken already. I do it a lot myself to make characters I wish they made for a certain line.
On a side note: I am not a fan however, when collectors open sealed vintage toys that are worth hundreds and just kill the value of the item. This item didn’t wait 30years just so some guy can open it. It makes no sense to me, just sell the toy for 200-400 bucks and buy the complete loose version 60-80 bucks and use the profits for something else. I get that its their toy and their choice but money wise it makes no sense to me. It makes me wish there was child protective services but for toys. I am a culprit of opening sealed vintage toys but I justify those because the tape is already broken from age or the toy is worth the same sealed as it is loose.

James Bond Jr Prototype Action FigureWe all have that one find that is your favourite, but what was your best find that you are most proud of?
There are 2 moments and they both take place in a vintage toyshop. In one, I was allowed to look in the back room before they had a chance to sort out certain boxes. I found myself a green TMNT Shogun Triceraton for $2. In the other store I found in a loose figure bin where they had a deal buy 4 figures for $12. And one of those figures was a test shot (multi-plastic coloured) James Bond Jr. figure. I eventually sold the Triceraton for a profit obviously but I still have the James Bond Jr. figure.

That's a great find! So from your collection which item made you think “YES! Iv got it!”
The biggest YES in my collection is the super duper rare Filmations Ghostbusters Ghost Command play set. I was able to grab 2 in my hunt and I paid $600 and $375. I kept the complete one that has everything, the box and manual and even used the sticker sheet. I sold my near complete spare for $1200. That’s how rare it is.

That's a great profit! you don't really find them over here in the UK, what was the other?
Well its whenever I get very rare main characters MOC. Like my 12back small head Han Solo 1977 MOC. All 4 Real Ghostbusters original 1st waves MOC and all original 10 Back TMNT softheads MOC.
Then generically its when I get that final piece to complete a toy line or set that has eluded me for a decent amount of time. And also anytime recently when I could afford unproduced prototype figures. Napoleon from Bill n Ted Kenner line is the most current “YES” moment!

Do you have an item that no amount of money could let you part with it?
It’s too darn hard to narrow it down. I spent so much time and money to collect everything I own. I would never ever sell my TMNT, Ghostbusters or Crash Dummy collections. The rest of the more obscure lines would be negotiable but it would be totally hypothetical because the money would have to be astronomical.

So which item took the longest to find?
I have the entire TYCO Crash Dummy Toy line. But, I had the chance to buy 3 unproduced racing crash dummy prototypes on eBay many years back. Three new dummies were featured on the packaging of toys in 1994 but the line got cancelled before they could be produced. I got outbid and couldn’t continue past $500. Later on, I got lucky and found one somehow mixed into a France eBay auction, but that still left 2 to go.
It took a good 4-5yrs before I tracked down an owner through social media that had the 2 I needed. I paid $725 and was so pleased because I regretted not fighting harder years before. I have since found another prototype, a 1993 protek suit baby dummy that was also an unproduced figure from the crash dummy line from TYCO.

Crash Test Dummies Collection

It seems like you have been moving on to Prototypes now, but do you also collect anything else apart from action figures?
I collect the occasional original 1 sheet 27X41 movie poster and I’m a big fan of collecting vintage video store cardboard displays. My prized ones are never used until I bought them, Back to the future, Ghostbusters and Robocop. They all came in their original shipping boxes.

The Toy Scavenger - Bobbys Toy ChestThe Toy Scavenger - Bobbys Toy Chest
VHS Stand

Ok Robert, a massive Thank You for sharing your amazing collection with us, and taking the time to answer our questions. Its been a real pleasure. Personally I'm still in shock of how many you have, its been a real hit of nostalgia! Take care and good luck with future collecting!

If you would like to find out more about this amazing collection
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