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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Top News: Mattel to Release WWE Retro Action Figure Line Wave Two in the Fall

So as you can see, after the success of the Retro WWE Figure line (Despite still not being Released internationally) Mattel have now Announced 3 figures from the upcoming second wave of the line, these include Kane in his 1998 Attire, Stone cold Steve Austin, and a Classic look from The Rock.

Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think? The line is due to be released in the US in the coming fall, but while here in the UK we are still waiting for line one, a date is yet to be anmounced.

Check out our first news item when the line was first announced earlier last year.
Mattel To Realese Retro WWE Lime

Sunday, 26 February 2017

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figures ☆ Tag Team Special

Here is a quick look at our WWF Hasbro Custom Figures in a Tag Team format.
Take a look and we hope you enjoy.

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ John Cena

When John Cena made his d├ębut who could of predicted his rise to being one of the main wrestlers, if not the main face of the modern WWE era. you couldn't go anywhere without seeing his face on clothing, bags, toys, pillows, curtains, you name it he's on it. He even is part of the reality show Total Bella's.

The Hasbro Licence was long gone when Cena joined the WWE so there was no way he would of got a figure made even in his early career. So we decided to make one. The problem was, as soon as we made this, Mattel brought out a Retro figure line that included a John Cena, so he now has a figure that can stand along side the Hasbro Line. But here is ours anyway, hope you enjoy. You can check out the others form the line here

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Randy Orton

Back in the late 80's, and early 90's to be a wrestler you needed a gimmick to wow the fans, such as the Undertaker, The Goon, Earthquake and Typhoon and many more, no longer could you be just a good wrestler. Then the Attitude era came along and a every day man was brought in, a beer drinking, ass kicking S.O.B. The the style of wrestler changed again and this was the moment Randy Orton had been waiting for. Who knows if Randy Orton would of made it in these previous eras but being a product of a wrestling family it gave him all the skills to be one of the best, one thing is for sure, he is a product of these past time, meaning he has one of the best Characters currently, he is one of the most gifted wrestlers, and has all the attributes to go down in history as one of the all time greats. He is the last of a dying breed of wrestlers in which they are the total package. So it is only right that we gave him a Custom Hasbro Figure.

With this figure we used only Hasbro parts from three different figures. We also added a waist coat that can be removed to be used as a sleeveless hoodie. There is no way that the Mattel Retro Figure line can continue without adding an Orton figure in the future, so we are sure he will get his Hasbro style Figure. Check our the other Custom figures here

WWF Hasbro Custom Figures 2017 Part 2 by The Toy Scavenger WWE WCW ECW

Its back due to popular demand, The Toy Scavengers Custom WWF Hasbro Figures.
So again The Toy Scavenger decided to give making Custom figures a go, the main rules applied, as before, was to use only original WWF Hasbro parts (we kind of broke that rule with Kevin Nash, Sorry). So sit back, relax and get clicking on the links below. This time we decided to expand the Custom WWE universe and have a mix of old stars and new star such as the Talented Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley and Randy Orton, along with some classics like Mankind, Bret Hart and Triple H.
Its getting harder and harder to create these great figures with the limited supply of Hasbro heads and body's but when there's a will there's a way.

If you liked these then why don't you check out our other custom WWE WCW & ECW figures by visiting these pages, first we have the Start of our WWE WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure Journey back in 2010, when we first started to make customs, then when you are finished check out 2017 Part 1

Which figures are your favourites? Who would you like to see made? Leave us a comment as we would love to hear what you think.

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Kevin Nash (Diesel)

Kevin Nash, or Diesel as he was once know, is one of the most wanted Hasbro figures of all time, this is due to the fact of the Hasbro Line being cancelled in the mid 90's while the Orange series was still in the design stage. The rumour was that Diesel was to have a figure, then Mannix brought the moulds for the now unwanted Diesel head once the line was cancelled. As it is well know Hasbro was getting lazy with the designs of the new figures in the later stages of the line, and they were reusing other body parts. Only until recently have the designs been released of what was to be Diesel, using Papa Shango's body and a new head he was to be released along with a few other superstars.

We decided not to make a diesel and wanted to see a Hasbro Nash. Many customs of Nash use Hasbro legs that make it look like he is wearing traditional wrestling tights, this is not the case as he would wear trousers in the ring, so we redesigned them to a more fitting attire. With all the other customs we only stick to Hasbro parts, this one we kinda cheated and used the Mannix Head. If you would like to see the other Customs click here

WWF Hasbro Custom Action Figure ☆ Scott Hall

When Scott Hall moved to WCW in the 90's it was one of the most shocking moves in wrestling history and was one of the main catalysts in the start of the Monday Night wars, along with Kevin Nash and 'The Third Man' Hollywood Hulk Hogan they formed the NWO and started recruiting other stars from the WWF and WCW line-up. In this moment Razor Ramon was gone for good (well the real Razor). Scott Hall would then team up with Kevin Nash on and off for the rest of his career, know as the outsiders they were one of the most dominate forces in world wrestling.

Scott hall already had 3 figures in the Hasbro range, all with different paint jobs, (Red Pants, Purple, and Grey Beard Funskool), so for this custom there was no need to make any new figures, and he only required a good paint job. When placed with the Kevin Nash Custom they create the Outsiders and look great together, find the Nash custom and others here