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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Take a Look at the New Trailer for The Power Rangers Movie.

Take a look at the New Trailer for Power Rangers (2017 Movie) from Lionsgate released later this year.

SABAN’S POWER RANGERS follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove — and the world — is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.
What do you think of the new Trailer? are you going to watch it in the cinemas?
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - Brian Pillman Loose Cannon

Brian Pillman WWF Hasbro Custom Figure

Brian Pillman is best know for his time in WCW and the WWE, for this particular custom we have chosen his final  'Loose Cannon' Attire. Brian passed away in 1997 and was a major part in the attitude era of the WWE. Pillman was a very close friend to the Hart family and so he joined the Hart Foundation towards the end of his career. Now a WWE Legend we decided it was about time to give him a Custom Hasbro Figure. We went for his out of ring attire that would be used around 97. With this custom, only Hasbro parts were used and a mixture of different figures were put together to create the action and attire. If we was to make another Pillman figure, his in ring attire would be next on the list. Pillman joined the WWE in 1996, long after the Hasbro range had ended, meaning there was no chance of a figure. Well now he has got one. Enjoy
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WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - Diamond Dallas Page WCW Attire

Diamond Dallas Page WWF Hasbro Custom

"Its me Its me Its DDP". Before DDP's time in the WWE he was one of the main superstars putting up a fight against the N.W.O in WCW back in the late 90s, this is the time period we have gone with on this custom of Diamond Dallas Page. Long hair, less tattoos, and the Diamond cutter. By using a body slam figure for the custom it can give the effect of the famous diamond salute that DDP would make throughout his career. With this custom all Hasbro parts were used and only a paint job was need. This is one that we did a few years ago, but was originally found online, so a slight modification on the attire was done this time.
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WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - The Acolytes APA Farooq & Bradshaw


The Acolytes WWF Hasbro Custom

Farooq and Bradshaw careers in the WWE were going nowhere, both were powerhouses  with had the potential to do something great. Then The Acolytes were formed. They quickly joined The Ministry of Darkness and established themselves as a dominant tag team. After the Ministry they stayed together and created the APA, this is the time that this custom is inspired from. Just before The Logos of A.P.A (Acolytes Protection Agency) and just after the Chest paint of the Ministry of Darkness. With these particular custom 'The Clothesline from hell' Action was taken into consideration and both Virgil and Ted Dibiase figures with punching action were used.
The main rules for this custom was to use Hasbro parts only, and no modelling clay. 

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WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - Stone Cold Steve Austin


Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Hasbro Custom

Here we take a look at our WWE WWF Hasbro Custom figure of Stone Cold Steve Austin in 3:16 Attitude Attire, all hand painted and Hasbro parts.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably one of, if not the greatest and most important wwe wrestling superstars of all time. The Attitude era would not of been such a success without his beer drinking, ass whooping style and persona. So it's only right that Austin deserves a Hasbro. If Hasbro had continue with the line into the mid 90s he would of been properly released with the million dollar championship belt much like The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase figure as this was part of his story back in his early career in the WWE.
But here we decided to do his most popular Attire, and I think Austin 3:16 just whipped your ass with this custom!

Take a look at the images.
Remember the rule of this custom was too only use Hasbro parts and no Decals so everything is hand painted. he even has a grip action for perhaps a custom beer! Enjoy.

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WWF Hasbro Custom Figures 2017 by The Toy Scavenger WWE WCW ECW

The Toy Scavenger has decided to have a go a creating some great WWF Hasbro Custom Figures.
If you are a collector of Vintage WWF Hasbro figures you will know that the community has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with the arrival of Previously never before seen artwork and Prototypes resurfacing, and also with the recent release of Mattel's Retro Wrestling Figure line this year, the collectability of these little superstars has climb higher than Mankind on a hell in a cell wall.
But since the line officially ended in the mid 90s collectors have always wanted and wondered what if? What if it had continued long into the Attitude era, or the Invasion Era and so on. Well we decided to give customising a go. We decided to brush off our brushes and dip into the paint pot to create some of the coolest custom figures and attires that never were released but were made so famous by those great superstars.
As we know the Hasbro line ended before the much sort after Orange Series was released, since then many fans have created there own custom figures, there is no general rule of creating them, you can have fun and just go wild with casting, add different toy line heads, painting, or breaking and re-gluing the originals. We decided to stick to just one main rule, which was to only use original Hasbro Parts.
We previously tried this a few years ago before it was popular which you can see here WWF Hasbro Custom Part 1, but decided to give it a retry with some fresh designs. Below is the links to the first new line that has had a custom

WWF Hasbro Custom Figures - The Rock 98 Attitude Attire

The Rock WWF Hasbro Custom

This Rock WWE WWF Hasbro Custom is one of the simplest customs to do, but also a personal favourite. "Do you smell what the rock is cooking??"

The year was 2000, the royal rumble was in full swing, the rock had just turned back to a fan favourite and the crowd was chanting his name in anticipation, the music hit and the reaction was one of the greatest the WWE had ever seen as he entered and then went in to win eliminating The Big Show. It was this period of The Rock that we wanted to capture, 1997 -2001 Rock attire was very similar with only slight changes to his wrestling trunks throughout the years. 

Now if Hasbro had continued creating the figures into the mid 90s surely they would of made good old Dwayne Johnson in his first attire as the rookie Rocky Maivia, we went for the latter.

This WWF Hasbro Custom Figure is all original Hasbro parts with a new paint job. Take a look below.
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